Biblical Counseling:
Applying Truth and Love to Life

Are you stuck and don’t know how to face a challenge in your life? … Are you in need of practical insight? … Are you desiring to grow in a specific area or relationship? … Are you searching for wise counsel and accountability?

SWBIBLE offers Biblical counseling for members of our church community. Our team of trained and qualified counseling staff help address real-life issues from a biblical perspective. Our goal is to come alongside each person with kindness, compassion, truth, and accountability.

Our hope is that each person can grow as they …
  • Discern thinking, motives, and actions that God wants to change.
  • Use the Bible to inform beliefs and desires to change behavior through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Apply Biblical truth for one’s good and to showcase the amazing character of God

God has given us a Savior (Jesus), a Bible, and a church community—all of which equip us to tackle the kinds of problems that surface in life and in counseling, including marriage and parenting challenges; emotional issues, like anger, fear, and worry; depression; addictions; misplaced priorities; lack of forgiveness, and other life-controlling problems.

We offer Biblical counseling free of charge as a ministry of Southwest Bible Church. Our counselors are eager to help you in your relationship with Christ and others. Contact us to request counseling.

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