1824 Young Adults

The transitions keep coming…you’re in college or trade school or maybe military service. You’re graduating. You’re working. You’re making countless decisions. There’s constant change, possibility, and unknowns. With all this change, are you rooted?

The 1824 Young Adult Ministry is built on what and who is knowable – Jesus.

  • Jesus is knowable even when your circumstances are not.
  • Jesus is with you even when you’re “out on your own.”
  • Jesus is able to ground you with his peace, confidence, rest, and wisdom.
  • And, Jesus is our common bond that roots us to him and each other.

Are you in college? Just started working? Check out the information below—and come visit.



Each Thursday we rotate between small groups and a large group gatherings including worship & teaching. Check out the schedule above or follow us on instagram to keep up to date. Contact us for any questions about 1824 Young Adults.


We do community together to grow in Jesus

Twice a month we meet in small groups. This is where we dive into God’s Word, encourage one another, and build close relationships. Contact us below to join a small group!

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