Serving One Another

Our care teams exists to offer encouragement and help for the practical needs of those at SWBIBLE and in the broader community who are going through difficult times. We are motivated by Jesus command to love and serve others as he has loved and served us.


We know that facing hospitalization, rehab, hospice, bedrest or something else along those lines can feel very isolating. Our hope is that by visiting those who are unable to attend church, we can be used by God to bring encouragement, continue fellowship, and express our love as a church family. Our desire is to come alongside those who are hurting as we spend time together in prayer, reading God’s Word, and serving the needs of people.

Memorial and Funeral Services

When someone you love dies and your heart is heavy with sorrow, it is often very helpful to have someone walk with you. Our pastors and volunteers  are ready to help in whatever way they can if you find yourself facing the death of a family member. This may include helping you contact a funeral home, helping to plan a memorial or funeral service or simply walking with you through the grief you are experiencing.  If you are facing the death of a loved one, please let us know how we can help.

Request Care

You can use the care request form to request to speak with someone from our Care Team or notify our staff and deacons of a care situation. You can also visit or call us at the church.

Serving on the Care Team

Care Team members serve in a variety of ways in a variety of circumstances. Once you join our care team, you will be notified by group email when a care need arrises. If you are available to meet that need, simply respond to the the email request and we will contact you with more information. Click button below to signup or get more information!

Men’s Care Team

Our Men’s Care Team focuses on serving widows, widowers, single parents, and others with limited family or financial support. They serve in a variety of ways—especially helping with projects that require physical labor, including home and yard maintenance, moving, and more.

Women’s Care Team

This team of women ministers to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of elderly women in the SWBIBLE church community on a regular basis. They help with housework, shopping, transportation, or taking the time for a friendly visit or phone call.