Sunday Classes

Come. Learn. Know.

Sunday Classes are an extension of our Sunday Services, helping people understand what’s in the Bible and why and how it applies to their lives.

When you read the Bible, Jesus invites you to know him, learn from him, and find rest in him. God repeats that invitation through the New and Old Testament. For example, in Matthew 11:29 Jesus says, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Sunday Classes are another opportunity to know Jesus and learn from him.

We usually meet in smaller settings, and dive into a specific book of the Bible or topic. Church leaders and guest speakers lead the classes, which often include time for questions during or after the class. Classes meet at 10:00 am between the first and second Morning Services, and new classes are available each quarter.

Spring Quarter 2022
April 3 – June 26 | 10 AM

(No classes on Easter Sunday)

Essential Christianity

Pastor Scott Gilchrist | Room 121

This class is for those who are looking into Christianity for the first time, want a refresher course of what they have learned in the past, and those who want a clearer understanding of the essential, foundational truths of the Christian faith.

SWGO 2022

Various Teachers | The Lodge

Why and how the Lord “does missions” with His church both out abroad and also from within mobilizing bases like us here @ SWBIBLE. There are six ways God’s people support His global cause. Going is just one of them. Learning, Praying, Sending, Welcoming and Mobilizing are the parts played back here at home. Hear from around a dozen different speakers and join us to learn how you can take the next steps in teaming with God’s workers around the world. Opportunities will abound!

Systematic Theology I

Pastor Dave Martini | Room 222

We seem to know what we believe but how do we arrive at that knowledge? This first of four classes offered on the subject of Systematic Theology will look at the foundations of Christian Theology: the study of God and the study of His revelation to us in His creation and in His word.

2 Corinthians

Pastor Justin Vanier | Room 223

This 12-week class will unpack the entire book of 2 Corinthians, looking at what results when the Gospel transforms us into a new creation sealed by the Holy Spirit. This changes how we understand forgiveness, reconciliation, suffering, future glory, personal holiness, generosity, leadership, and our own weakness.

“I Still Do” Marriage Course

Pastor Tom Aylward | Room 221

This course will appeal to couples married at least a decade and even longer. Based upon Dave Harvey’s book “I Still Do- Growing Closer and Stronger through Life’s Defining Moments.” It’s meant to foster a marriage that lasts decades and designed with questions that prompt conversations and prayer between couples. This course will include interactive groups.

Fundamentals of the Faith

Don Lyons | Library

This “homework” class will provide a rock solid conviction of what comprises THE faith. What exactly are the fundamentals of Biblical Christianity? On what basis can we be certain of having eternal life with God? If you are not a Christian, this is the perfect way to find out what authentic Christianity is. If you are young in the faith, this class will help you to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Some who are mature in the faith are using this material to mentor others. What we learn from the homework will be discussed in the class together each week. Come study with us and be transformed. Workbooks provided!

SWKIDS Sunday Classes

SWKIDS Classes (ages 0-5 and Kindergarten-5th Grade) meet Sundays at 10 am. Click Learn More for details about our SWKIDS ministry.

Last Quarter’s Classes

Winter 2022
The Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures
Rod Powell
The Story of the Bible
Pastor Gary Dozier
Bible Study Methods I
Pastor Mike Arzie
The Letter to the Romans
Various Teachers
Christian Heritage of the Northwest
Vaughn Longanecker