SWKIDS Fall Learning Groups are for children in grades 1st – 5th who are currently enrolled in an online or hybrid school program. Each day includes scheduled schoolwork time, a study from the Bible, breaks/recess, and a special activity once a week (ceramics, cooking project, etc.).

Fall Learning Groups meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 8:30am – 2:45pm. Although each week is charged separately, students are registered for their Learning Group for a 4-week period. This is designed to help us develop partnerships with each family, as well as plan for consistency in staffing. Contact: swkids@swbible.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend SWKIDS Learning Groups?
Any child 1st Grade – 5th Grade can sign up for our Learning Groups. The groups are only intended for those who have schoolwork to complete on the days when we meet. It is not intended to be a childcare for any other purpose.

Why 1st – 5th Grade?
At this time, we do not feel that we can accommodate kids who are entering Kindergarten with comprehensive distance learning. With the Learning Groups meeting for over 6 hours each day, Kindergarten would require more staffing & attention than we currently have available. Kids who are in Middle School are under a different set of guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority, so we are unable to accommodate older students at this time.

How long will the SWKIDS Learning Group program last this Fall?
Our intention is to run this program at least until the metrics for Washington County are achieved to resume in person learning for K – 3rd grade. The program will be reevaluated at that time, as well as prior to each 4-week registration period.

What are the expectations for my child?
Each child is expected to independently work on their distance learning. Staff are available to answer questions & troubleshoot devices, but are not responsible for the completion of schoolwork. Students must be willing to work on distance learning and not be a distraction to others. Any child who consistently distracts others from their work will be sent home. 

How will the staff assist my child with distance learning?
The SWKIDS staff are committed to setting your child up for success. We will help troubleshoot devices, guide the group, and do our best to answer individual questions. However, the staff are not responsible for the completion of each child’s schoolwork or their grade / score in doing that work. The Learning Groups are only for kids who can independently complete their schoolwork, and the responsibility for completing that work ultimately lies with each individual family.

What other activities will my child participate in?
Each day will mostly consist of time to complete schoolwork & do quiet table activities. However, there will be opportunities to take breaks for “recess,” outdoor play, snacks, lunch, and a special activity each week. (cooking projects, ceramics, etc.) Each day will also include a lesson / study from the Bible.

Why do I need to commit to a 4-week session? How is this billed to my account?
This is designed to help us develop partnerships with each family, as well as plan for consistency in staffing from week-to-week. Per Oregon state guidelines, we are also required to maintain as stable of groups as possible. Upon registering, SWBIBLE will collect a $50 deposit per week ($200) per camper to reserve your spot. The remaining balance ($100-$115 depending on the sibling discount) will be charged to the card on file the Monday morning of each week. Should you cancel partway through a 4-week commitment, we will cancel the automatic billing, but the deposits are non-refundable.

Is there a discount for signing up more than one child?
Yes, the SWKIDS Learning Groups are $165 for one child, or $150 each for 2 or more children. This discount is automatically applied on the final page of the registration process.

What should my student bring to SWKIDS Learning Groups?

  • Any devices needed to complete schoolwork (computer, tablet, books, paper, pens, chargers, etc.)
  • Headphones for Zoom calls
  • Activities for once schoolwork has been completed (books, coloring / activity books, individual work)
  • Lunch
  • Water Bottle
  • Bible (if you have one)
  • Mask

What shouldn’t my child bring?

  • Toys
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Trading / Playing Cards (Pokemon, etc.)

Is there before care, after care or lunch?
Before care, after care, and lunch are not offered at this time.

Can I sign up for specific weeks?
You can sign up for the current 4-week period, but each week is not available individually. Please inquire at swkids@swbible.org to register for the remainder of a 4-week period that is currently underway.

Can I register my child for camp without paying a deposit?
We are unable to accept registrations without a deposit of $50 per week for each child (4-week minimum). This deposit is non-refundable. Deposits are required to help us better forecast attendance for each week. Purchasing, staging, planning, and staffing are largely dependent on the number of students attending.

When does registration for each 4-week session close?
Registration closes the Friday before the session begins, or as soon as all of our spots are filled. Any remaining spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis once the registration period has ended.