Sunday Classes

Come. Learn. Know.

Sunday Classes are an extension of our Sunday Services, helping people understand what’s in the Bible and why and how it applies to their lives.

When you read the Bible, Jesus invites you to know him, learn from him, and find rest in him. God repeats that invitation through the New and Old Testament. For example, in Matthew 11:29 Jesus says, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Sunday Classes are another opportunity to know Jesus and learn from him.

We meet in smaller settings, and dive into a specific book of the Bible or topic. Church leaders and guest speakers lead the classes, which often include time for questions during or after the class.

Classes meet at 10:00 am between the first and second Morning Services, and new classes are available each quarter. You can find the current classes in the weekly bulletin and below are details on ongoing classes.

Even if you’re visiting SWBIBLE for a week or for the first time, pick a class and join us!

Current Sunday Classes

eC – Essential Christianity

Pastor Scott Gilchrist – Room 121 – Every quarter

Want to learn more about Christianity? Want to hear more about SWBIBLE? Essential Christianity (eC) is a comfortable place where you can ask those questions you’ve been holding back. Pastor Scott Gilchrist walks through foundational elements of Christianity and provides times for questions and answers. For those who’d like to ask a question and are nervous, you can hand in questions to be answered the following week. Pastor Scott leads this class every quarter and you are welcome any time. People often attend the class several times

The Messiah in the Hebrew Prophets

Rod Powell / Room 221

A look at Messiah’s appearances and purposes revealed in the Prophetic Books of the Old Testament.

SWGO 2020

Various Teachers / The Lodge

Why and how the Lord “does missions” with His church both out abroad and also from within mobilizing bases like us here @ SWBIBLE. There are six ways God’s people support His global cause. Going is just one of them. Learning, Praying, Sending, Welcoming and Mobilizing are the parts played back here at home. Hear from around a dozen different speakers and join us to learn how you can take the next steps in teaming with God’s workers around the world. Opportunities will abound!

Christian Heritage of the Northwest: The Forgotten Work of God

Challenging Your History of God’s Exacting Call
Vaughn Longanecker / Room 224

The main purpose of this course is to learn of the Providential foundational works of God in the Pacific Northwest, some of the history of the indigenous people and the call God placed on their hearts, and of the faithful saints who responded to this call to bring God’s message of salvation to the native people.
At the beginning of the course, we will consider what God says about history in general, the importance of viewing it from His perspective (Providential), and what is the responsibility of the Christian to accurate handling of history. 
We will take an in-depth look at the foundations of God’s work in the Northwest, spreading the gospel, first mission, church, educational system, government, all of which remain to this day, and the gospel’s effect on the culture of the Northwest. The focus will be on the first ten years of the mission’s history, which was the main contributor to civilization in the west. 
After the class we will take a tour in Salem of the memorials of the missionaries and settlement sites and structures that remain. The tour is about four hours and we go to five sites where the foundations of Oregon begin. 
All so that we may know the Lord, His work, to the glory of God. – Joshua 4:24

18 to 24 Young Adult

Young adults often join the Adult Sunday Classes. Occasionally, the group will have a specific class, and they’ll meet in The Lodge, which is on the second floor of the East Wing. We will be joining the SWGO 2020 class in The Lodge this quarter.

Middle and High School

For Sunday Class, Middle School students meet in The Park and High School students meet in The Warehouse. Both are located on the second floor of the East Wing.


SWKIDS offers classes between the morning services. Classes (age 3-5th grade) provide age-appropriate Bible studies that include small group discussion, prayer, and Scripture memorization.