Drive-In Church

Moved Indoors This Sunday

Due to rain in the forecast, we will meet indoors in the Main Auditorium this Sunday. Service starts at 6:00pm. When you arrive, look for the signs for the main auditorium entrance. Come join us!

October 11
6-7 pm

(Church Parking Lot Opens at 5:00 pm)

Load up the car and head over to the church for a drive-in church service. Be a part of this worship service broadcast live from our outdoor SWKIDS patio. Once parked in the parking lot, you can tune in your FM radio and be a part of this service from the comfort of your own car. It’s another way to see each other and worship together safely during this time. (See FAQs) Can’t wait to see you there!

For the Kids!

Activities will be provided for your child inside your car during the service – drive by the SWKIDS tent in the parking lot to pick them up!

Drive-In Church FAQs

What is drive-in church?
Our Drive-In Church service is designed to provide an in-person worship gathering for our church and community allowing us to worship from the comfort of our own vehicles.

Do I need to stay in my car?
Yes, in order to provide a safe environment & respect the current state guidance, we are asking that everyone remain in their car for the duration of the event. However, cars will be parked more than 6 feet apart, so feel free to roll down your windows and say hello to the people next to you!

What can I expect at the Drive-In Church Service?
As you arrive at the church parking lot entrance, our helpful parking hosts will give you directions where to park. You will also be greeted by a member of our welcome team and receive a program containing lyrics for songs and guide for the service.

How will I hear the service?
You will be able to participate in the service by tuning your car radio to an FM radio frequency. You can set your radio to a comfortable audio level.

What will I see?
After you park you will tune your FM radio to the designated station, you will be listening to our worship sound track and announcements from the platform. There will be no jumbo-tron screens or popcorn, but you can bring snacks and drinks for if you would like!

What will the service be like?
The SWBIBLE worship team will lead us in live worship music from the SWKIDS outdoor patio. You will be encouraged as you sing along and worship with the SWBIBLE church community. There will be a message from the Bible and an amazing story of faith from a member of our church family that will inspire you.

Who can come to SWBIBLE Drive-In Church?
Drive-in church is for everyone!