Encouraging and equipping women to walk biblically, authentically, and relationally with Christ and with others for the glory of God.

Unity. Relationship. Growth.

This ministry brings women together to learn about Jesus and cultivate real relationships with each other. Our hope is that this intentional togetherness grows into genuine kinship. Are you looking for encouragement, connections, and applicable biblical teaching? Read on—and learn how you can take part.

Ladies Bible Studies

We desire to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus as we study the Bible together. Our women’s studies meet at the church and walk through a book of the Bible or occasionally a topical study, like the characteristics of God.

Evening Ladies Bible Study – Fall 2021

  • September – November
  • Tuesdays, 7 pm
  • Registration begins in late summer 2021

Morning Ladies Bible Study – Winter 2022

January – April
Tuesdays, 9 am

Evening Ladies Bible Study – Winter 2022

January – April
Tuesdays, 7 pm

For more information, contact: Debbie Eaton

Why Attend a Women’s Study? Hear What People Are Saying.

Tell us about the study … especially for the women who will attend for the first time.

Brittany: You can be sure that the Women’s Bible Study and SWBIBLE will do all three of the following: Increase your knowledge of God and His Word. Build bonds with fellow sisters in Christ. Find a hope and a refuge in God’s Word.

Jana: I’ve gone to the evening study. Usually, the evening study occurs the same day as the Ladies morning study, and both groups are going over the same material and have similar schedules. We get together as a large group to hear from a speaker, who shares and reviews the focus of the study for that evening, and then we break into our smaller groups of about 10. We discuss the questions, the Bible, life—it is encouraging.

Why should a woman attend?

Brittany: In this ever-increasing dark world, we need a hope that shines even brighter. From attending Women’s Bible Study, we get equipped with the knowledge of God’s Word to be victorious in our daily battles. We abide in Christ when we study the Bible and find a peace and joy that surpasses understanding. Fellowship is also greatly needed in our walk with the Lord. We stand side by side with other women from our Bible study groups, growing together and building one another up in Christ Jesus.

Jana: There are several reasons for attending. First, simply the study of God’s word together, among our sisters in Christ, is faith strengthening and building. God work’s significantly in our hearts when we are dedicated to studying His word. He reveals so many truths we may otherwise be too distracted to remember. Second, gathering with other sisters in Christ is encouraging. I began in the Fall knowing very few other women who would be at the evening study, and I left with twice as many friends. The other women prayed for me, and I for them, and through that we have a deeper bond in Christ. Third, Jesus stated He is with us when we gather together. “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Fourth, when the day is long, and you just don’t think you could feel any more weary, you can come to study as you are, sit down, and your sisters in Christ can pray for your strength and be encouraged—and in turn, doing the same for the other women with you. It seems to me, this is one of God’s precious gifts of encouragement to each other.

What did you enjoy most about last year’s study or previous studies?

Brittany: I enjoyed it all! From individual study to the friendships built, God was working through every bit.

Jana: I enjoyed both topics of study (Fall we look at Nehamiah, and in the spring, we studied Philippians). I enjoyed connecting with other women within our church. It is easy for me to attend service with my family on Sunday and never meet new people; attending Ladies evening Bible study has opened up my eyes to see new friends when I attend church on Sunday, which results in encouragement and joy. I also enjoyed hearing the speakers. Many of the speakers were honest and vulnerable about their journey of faith, and hearing their experiences helped me realize that so many of us experience similar life events and we have such opportunity to comfort and encourage each other. That alone is unifying.

Any other thoughts on the value of attending study?

Brittany: I’m so thankful for the leadership who takes the time to prayerful select what study we cover. Also, for the leaders who make an extra effort to prepare for the group sessions. We certainly have many strong women of the Word at SWBIBLE, and it is a privilege to walk through life together.

Jana: Come join us!

Events Throughout the Year

Women’s Retreat – Each Fall

A change of surroundings can give you space to reflect, relax, and reconnect. Each fall, we carve out a weekend to hear from a speaker and learn how the Bible applies to a specific arena of our lives. The weekend also includes worship time, meals, and activities. The retreat is open for women (18 and up), including those who have just started attending the church. Watch for online registration in late August and at the church in early September.

“As women, we have a real need to connect with each other—to be in intentional relationships that bring encouragement and help us through real issues. And we’re hoping that women come and hear what Scripture says about building those relationship foundations.”

Jen, volunteer retreat co-coordinator
Moms 2 Moms

Due to the current uncertainty of gathering and childcare, Moms 2 Mom is taking a break this year (2020-2021). We love the M2M ministry and our moms but as with everything right now, we are seeking clarity and wisdom from the Lord. We will update this website when there are changes. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Instagram so you can be notified when we will resume our monthly gatherings.